Ecole 42, Paris

2017 to 2018
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Conception and development degree

October 2016 to July 2017 Greta Lyon, France

  • Methodological approach (bases, algorithms, analysis and modeling, databases)
  • Web development : XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • Application development in C# with ASP.NET
  • Application development in JAVA, with JEE and Android apps
  • Conception, database modeling and project management (Merise, UML)
  • 2.5 month internship. See more

Piscine C at Ecole 42

September 2016

Intensive bootcamp. One whole month of code 24/7 as a selection process

Courses taken on Codecademy, February to July 2016

  • HTML/CSS : html structure : lists, tables, divs and spans, css : classes, ids, element positioning
  • Javascript : functions, for and while loops, control flow, data structure, objects
  • JQuery : functions and selectors, dynamic HTML, events, effects
  • PHP : control flow (if, else, switch), arrays, loops for and foreach, while and do-while, functions, objects, advanced arrays and maps
  • Python : syntax, strings and console outpouts, conditionals and control flow, functions, lists and dictionaries, while and for loops, list comprehension, list slicing, lambda expressions, classes, file input and outpout
  • Ruby : control flow, loops and iterators, arrays and hashes, blocks and sorting, hashes and symbols, refactoring, blocs, procs and lambdas, object oriented programming
  • Learn the command line : navigating the file system, manipulation (copy, move, delete), redirecion (input, outpout), environment
  • Make a website : site structure (text, links, images), CSS (style text, add background images), boundaries and space, building with bootstrap
  • Learn Git : basic git workflow, backtracking, branching, collaboration (remotes, pulling and pushing)

Ruby on rails initiation

June 2016 Rails Girls Paris

Sociology and Anthropology Masters, Gender and social changes

2011-2013, Paris 7 University
Dissertation (in French) « L'accès à une mobilité sociale dans les métiers de l’informatique: analyse de l’intersectionalité »
Dissertation (in French) « Formation en informatique : Ouverture sociale et Sexisme » examining social mobility and women in a French computer science school.

English literature and civilization Masters

2010-2011, California State University, Long Beach, CA
Dissertation « Working Women in 1940s Hollywood ».

English literature and civilization bachelor

High school degree "Baccalauréat" with an option in English

2007, Marie de France high school, Montréal, Canada